Brendan Savem
Credit to Reynald for the image
General Information
Gender Male
Age 20
Race Human (subset)
Occupation Adventurer/Inventor
Status Alive
User Brendan
Physical attributes
Height 193cm
Weight 71kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White

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Appearance Edit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Agility: A result of physical conditioning and racial inheritance, Brendan has peak reflexes and flexibiltiy, and a

Equipment and ItemsEdit

Reflector Vambraces: Brendan's most identifiable tools of combat. They usually remain concealed under his sleeves, and so the carved metal plates around his forearms are rarely seen. Each vambrace contains a fragment of a crystal, part of a larger one Brendan took from his home world. Using a small generator, Brendan is able to create a short-range gravity trap, in the form of a blue aura vented out of the gauntlet's sides. This aura can catch any projectile that collides with it and change its direction, or nullify it entirely, depending on the properties of the projectile. Due to the short life-span and range of this aura, it is difficult, if not impossible, to deflect a melee attack.

Folding Quarterstaff: Currently Brendan's usual weapon of choice, A high-end clockwork device that can fold itself into a sliver of metal the size of a pen, and unfolds quickly with a quick twist. Brendan also has detachable ends for the quarterstaff, allowing him to quickly turn the weapon itno a trident, a hammer, or even both, amongst other options.

Armoury Box (currently defunct): One of several items Brendan took from his foster father, this match-box sized device contains a hand-sized portal, reaching into an unknown pocket dimension where Brendan has been able to store just about anything, most often his many armaments, including the Peanut Popgun (pictured). Recently, the box has been unstable, making it risky for Brendan to carry around. Brendan studies the box often, trying to figure out how it worked and how to fix it.