An elemental is a being humanoid or otherwise primarily composed of alchemic elements or otherwise, such as fire, water, earth, wind and lead. In other circumstances, elements such as light, dark and even modern scientific compounds are utilised by these beings. Typically, these beings are mono-elemental and are highly skilled in wielding their element as magical or physical manifestation, typically displaying a capacity to freely manipulate said element.

Most elementals show a capacity for enhanced "genetic" memory, with the information readily inset into their minds as they are born or created.

Elemental (Golem)Edit

A golem sub-type of elemental is a manufactured being created of a single power. These are often created from a large or purified quantity of the element in question around a core of magic, an artificial soul, pieces of a living soul or a whole living soul have a vast capacity for growth and learning with the whole soul learning at a faster rate. Which ever is used, it is contained within the element refined into a physical expression lest the elemental be physically unstable.

An elemental forged with a magic core is less capable and complex than that containing a soul of any variety, often assigned to menial tasks and workings with only a primitive intelligence and some linguistic skill. An elemental composed of an artificial soul is more akin to an adolescent's level of intelligence, with no capacity for growth whereas a shard of living soul will provide potential to learn and develop at a steady rate. A whole living soul instilled into one of these creatures has the most potential for growth with the issue of necessity in mentally growing as the template creature would, rejecting knowledge imprints during a construction period.

Elemental (Genesis)Edit

A genesis elemental is a term used to define a being not of elemental lineage or creation but using a catalyst to augment themselves or their powers to instill a degree of elemental power. Corresponding to the affinity to an element if any within the individual, the catalyst will act as a key to unlock said power and be necessary to facilitate the flow of the magic. Often, this form of elemental will choose to affix said catalyst to equipment or a personal item with extreme cases resorting to implanting it within themselves, consciously or not. Rarely, a catalyst will bind itself to the organic host and force a degree of manipulation to ensure it's own survival or goals.

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