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|image = Generic_Avatar.png
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|gender = Insert Gender Here
|age = Number
|race = Whatever
|occupation = Job
|status = Alive/Dead/Undead/etc.
|user = [PokecharmsProfileURL username]
|height = In cm (Feet and inches in parenthesis)
|weight = in kg (lb in parenthesis)
|eye color = A color
|hair color = a color}} 
'''Character Name''' (pronounced insert pronunciation) include a short description here
== Appearance ==
Describe character's physical appearance
Describe personality.
History goes here
==Powers and Abilities==
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|FanStrength = 1
|FanSpeed = 1
|FanDurability = 1
|FanEnergy Projection =1
|FanFighting Skills = 1
|Explanation = Explanations for discrepancies can go here.}}
'''Power:''' Description of Power.
==Equipment and Items==
'''Object:''' Description of Object
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