Kyubeon Final
Credit to StellarWind Elsydeon for the image
General Information
Gender Genderless
Age Unknown
Race Kyubey Eeveelution
Occupation Magical Girl Contractor
Status Alive
User Kyubeon
Physical attributes
Height 23 cm
Weight 3.9 kg
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White, pink, light blue

Kyubeon (pronounced KYU-bee-on) is a character in CRP which only appears in Lyni's imagination. Though it might not seem to be real, its presence is constantly felt both in and out of the CRP universe.

Appearance Edit

Kyubeon's appearance changes, though its basic body structure is always cat-like and its main fur color is almost always white. Generally speaking, it has long, ribbon-like tufts of fur coming out of its ears that're colored blue or pink at the ends with a golden ring surrounding each ear. Kyubeon also has splashes of pink and/or light blue around its paws and the tip of its tail and a red ring on its back. Its eyes are red, though they glow brightly when making a contract with someone.


Not much is known about Kyubeon's personality, though Lyni claims that Kyubeon speaks softly and calmly to her whenever they meet.


Kyubeon was, is, and always will be.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Power Grid
Power Ratings
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* can seemingly teleport; otherwise speed is at 2
Contracts: Kyubeon can approach people, usually girls, and offer them contracts to become magical girls. These contracts include the girl making a wish and Kyubeon granting said wish, which turns the girl into a magical girl.

Telepathy: Since Kyubeon cannot speak, it uses telepathy to communicate to other people. However, it cannot read minds itself, just speak to others.

Teleportation: Kyubeon can teleport around the world and the universe to find potential contractors.

Equipment and ItemsEdit

Soul Gems: What it gives to magical girls, which help them transform and provides them with their powers

Grief Seed: Its main source of "food"